Thursday, December 2, 2010

I've Got a Tummy Ache

This will be a short post to say, I'm not capable of a long decent post this week.

I'm laying in bed with a tummy ache. I'm on my back as I type and I keep making typos 'cause I'm at a weird angle and can't see the keyboard. Max is downstairs watching a DVD movie 'cause I can't even stand up. Gotta drag myself out of bed soon and collect yer man from school. I'm feeling totally woe is me.  Yesterday afternoon Brendan had to come home early to mind the kids 'cause I just couldn't cope. Today shaping up similarly, but I doubt he can leave early again.

When you're a sick mommy, and you have no support (like me - no inlaws or grandmas or aunties nearby), it can be tough.  As I laid in bed yesterday, about to puke, Zach and Max were hugging and kissing me. Cute, until Max started climbing on my stomach and Zach started screaming some song.  What am I going to do today?  Don't know.  Any sick mommies out there gotta take care or young 'uns?

 Boo hoo, gotta face snow and ice to go collect my 5 year old from school.

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  1. Oh god, I remember with hideous clarity the time I came down with norovirus when daughter was about 4 weeks old and son was 15 months. Husband had to go to work. I was sat on the sofa with Pingu on repeat play, drinking lots of water so I could still breastfeed daughter, and then throwing up in one bucket and , this is gross, often having to "use" another because I couldn't move up the stairs quick enough AND carry two wee ones. No relatives, no friends, because we'd just moved. Weeping, lots of weeping and even more Pingu. Or Shrek. Now if i'm sick, it's Shrek.


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