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Trying to Plan for Maternity Leave

How Many Months am I Pregnant?

Each Time I had Morning Sickness, Pregnancy was a Given

Am I Going into Labour? How Will I know?

A Plethora of Gaelic Baby Names

Modern Baby Names: Everything Old is New Again


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Suite 101

Generating Story Ideas for your Writing

Time Logs: The First Step in Time Management

How do Adults Learn? The Principles of Training Course Design

What is a Training Needs Analysis and How is it Done?

Profile of me in the Cork Independent Newspaper, 27 Jan, 2011 (Note - they have me liking "Raymond Chandler"--I actually like "Raymond Carver")

David Norris, et. al., reviewing my first novel, Revolutions, on RTE's THE VIEW:

Ryan Tubridy discussing Cuba with me and Tom McGurk

Mary Wilson interviewing me and a professor from UL on Drivetime with Mary Wilson:

A review of The Mom Blogs' web site by Angela Atkinson, of The Practical Freelance Writer's Guide to Author Websites:

The Lit Chick Show


Performance artist Hilary Williams blogging about a film she made (I appear in one section):

Hilary Williams' Film


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