Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Break

School has let out for two weeks. The cousins were down over the weekend and we all had a blast, but now that those kids are gone, it’s me and my two for 13 more days. What will we do with ourselves? My kids and I have differing opinions.

Things my children (2 and 5 years old) would like to do over the two-week Easter Break:
photo by Jeroen van Oostrom
  • Stay in pyjamas all day, eat chocolate for breakfast, ice cream for lunch and ham straight out of the packet for dinner
  • Go to the local soft play centre, daily (at 14 bucks each time) 
  • Be driven two hours to the zoo, in another city
  • Sail a boat (the five year old insists he can because he knows how to say, “Man overboard.” He’s never been on a boat)
  • Visit the Great Wall of China 
  • Drive my car to the shop
  • Get a pet dinosaur
  • Battle an evil transformer
  • Meet the Queen.

Things my children will actually do over Easter Break:
  • Be let outside to play.

They better get used to it, because it’s pretty much what they’ll be doing for the summer holidays, too.

Happy Easter and/or Passover!


  1. I was 9 or 10 when I first wanted to visit the Great Wall of China; I finally got to do it when I was 33.

    My hat is off to your kids' dreams.

  2. Long may they enjoy going out to play...I think the other stuff can wait :)


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